Reports for Monitoring

In this activity, you can share and comment on situations or cases that you consider relevant to the monitoring and analysis processes lead by RELE-IACHR. Your submission of Reports for Monitoring will allow for a better understanding of the context in which the challenges to digital literacy for the development of civic skills manifest themselves, the roots, related issues and implications of the deterioration of public debate and the moderation of content on the Internet.

The contributions received will be processed by RELE throughout the Dialogue and its central themes will be considered as part of the multi-sectorial discussion events in each of the thematic axes.

Specifically, contributions received will not be automatically published, but will be considered internally for development and analysis in the course of the Dialogue of the Americas on Freedom of Expression on the Internet.

Actor participating in the Dialogue are invited to report as many situations or cases as they deem important, using the form below.

These contributions will be received and processed according to the Conditions of Participation.